Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

I Love Bubble Waffle – The Newest Waffle Store In The South

I love bubble waffle

Grand Opening

I Love Bubble Waffle is now open in Starmall Alabang.

Bubble waffle, or egg waffle, is a very popular street food in Hong Kong that was brought here in the Philippines, making it everyone’s favorite dessert. I Love Bubble Waffle, the newest waffle store in the Philippines, made this popular dessert even better by adding some twists into it. Aside from the classic waffles, you can also opt to add a scoop of ice cream, dazzle of syrup, and toppings. Well, who doesn’t like this irresistible golden dessert especially if you add ice cream on it?
I love Bubble Waffle
Brainchild of a Filipino couple, Ryan and Carmi Garingarao, I Love Bubble Waffle serves a wide range of waffle choices from sweet to savory. From food cart to mall stalls, I Love Bubble Waffles is making its way to give every Filipinos a chance to enjoy this delectable dessert. For as low Php45, you get to enjoy this famous waffle and satisfy your cravings.

Top Picks

To help you with your first order, I recommend Matcha Waffle, Koko Krunch Waffle and of course, Strawberry Waffle, all with ice cream. If you love tea, then go for the Matcha Waffle. If you’re a sweet tooth like me, go for Koko Krunch Waffle. For fruity flavor, go for Strawberry waffle. They also have other flavors available aside from the classic waffle – Coffee, Detox, and Premier 4 flavors for sweet waffles while Ham & Cheese, Banana Nutella, Bacon S’mores, and Strawberry Jam for savory waffles.
I love bubble waffle
Grand Opening

Book for events

Great news, southies! They recently opened a branch in Starmall Alabang and Ayala Malls South Park. Do check them out whenever you can and experience the delicious waffle goodness that everyone loves. In case you want to have them in your events, they are also accepting bookings for birthdays and other events. See the photo below for details.

Open for Franchising

They are also open for franchising. So if you’re interested to open a waffle store in your area, contact them directly at 09171643123. Spread the waffle love and goodness. Be part of the ILBW family and franchise today.
All in all, these bubble waffles are great and worth the price. To know more about I Love Bubble Waffle, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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